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General dictionaries General (3 matching dictionaries)
  1. onlys: Vocabulary.com [home, info]
  2. Onlys, onlys: Wordnik [home, info]
  3. onlys: Wiktionary [home, info]

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Quick definitions from WordNet (only)

adjective:  exclusive of anyone or anything else ("I'll have this car and this car only")
adverb:  with nevertheless the final result ("He arrived only to find his wife dead")
adverb:  in the final outcome ("These news will only make you more upset")
adverb:  as recently as ("I spoke to him only an hour ago")
adverb:  except that ("Only this time she came out better")
adverb:  never except when ("Call me only if your cold gets worse")
adverb:  and nothing more ("He was only a child")
adverb:  without any others being included or involved ("A privilege granted only to him")

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