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1. beat a retreat
2. blow a fuse
3. call it a day
4. care a hang
5. catch a glimpse
6. catch a wink
7. do a job on
8. drag a bunt
9. draw a bead on
10. draw a blank
11. draw a line
12. drop a line
13. explode a bombshell
14. feel like a million
15. feel like a million dollars
16. get a line
17. get a load
18. get a look
19. get a noseful
20. get a whiff
21. give a damn
22. give a hang
23. give a hoot
24. give it a try
25. give it a whirl
26. go a long way
27. grind to a halt
28. hand by a hair
29. hang by a thread
30. have a ball
31. have a bun in the oven
32. have a fit
33. have a go
34. have a go at it
35. have a good time
36. have a look
37. make a face
38. make a motion
39. make a point
40. paint a picture
41. play a joke on
42. play a trick on
43. pull a face
44. pull a fast one on
45. run a risk
46. send a message
47. shoot a line
48. spend a penny
49. strike a blow
50. strike a chord
51. strike a note
52. take a bow
53. take a breath
54. take a breather
55. take a chance
56. take a crap
57. take a dare
58. take a dive
59. take a firm stand
60. take a hit
61. take a hop
62. take a joke
63. take a leak
64. take a look
65. take a powder
66. take a shit
67. throw a fit
68. touch a chord
69. turn a blind eye
70. turn a loss
71. turn a nice dime
72. turn a nice dollar
73. turn a nice penny
74. turn a profit
75. turn a trick
76. turn on a dime


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