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1. alauddin
2. alauddin ahmad syah
3. alauddin al-azad
4. alauddin al-kahar
5. alauddin al azad
6. alauddin al kahar
7. alauddin ali
8. alauddin ali shah
9. alauddin bahman shah
10. alauddin firuz shah i
11. alauddin firuz shah ii
12. alauddin husain shah
13. alauddin hussain shah
14. alauddin ibrahim mansur syah
15. alauddin islamic state university
16. alauddin jauhar ul-alam syah
17. alauddin jauhar ul alam syah
18. alauddin johan syah
19. alauddin khalji
20. alauddin khalji's conquest of devagiri
21. alauddin khalji's conquest of gujarat
22. alauddin khalji's conquest of jalore
23. alauddin khalji's conquest of malwa
24. alauddin khalji's conquest of multan
25. alauddin khalji's raid on bhilsa
26. alauddin khalji's raid on devagiri
27. alauddin khaljis conquest of devagiri
28. alauddin khaljis conquest of gujarat
29. alauddin khaljis conquest of jalore
30. alauddin khaljis conquest of malwa
31. alauddin khaljis conquest of multan
32. alauddin khaljis raid on bhilsa
33. alauddin khaljis raid on devagiri
34. alauddin khilji
35. alauddin mahmud syah i
36. alauddin mahmud syah ii
37. alauddin mansur syah
38. alauddin marri
39. alauddin muhammad da'ud syah i
40. alauddin muhammad da'ud syah ii
41. alauddin muhammad daud syah i
42. alauddin muhammad daud syah ii
43. alauddin muhammad syah
44. alauddin ri'ayat syah sayyid al-mukammal
45. alauddin riayat shah ii of johor
46. alauddin riayat shah of malacca
47. alauddin riayat syah sayyid al mukammal
48. alauddin sabir kaliyari
49. alauddin sulaiman ali iskandar syah
50. kazi alauddin
51. madrasa and tomb of alauddin khalji
52. madrasa and tomb of alauddin khilji
53. market reforms of alauddin khalji
54. md. alauddin
55. md alauddin
56. muhammed alauddin khan
57. ramadan ibn alauddin
58. rebellions against alauddin khalji
59. revenue reforms of alauddin khalji
60. sayyid alauddin atar


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