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1. albizia
2. albizia acle
3. albizia amara
4. albizia chinensis
5. albizia edwallii
6. albizia guillainii
7. albizia inundata
8. Albizia Julibrissin
9. albizia julibrissin 'ernest wilson
10. albizia julibrissin ernest wilson
11. Albizia Lebbeck
12. albizia lophantha
13. albizia lucidior
14. albizia obbiadensis
15. albizia odoratissima
16. albizia procera
17. Albizia Saman
18. genus albizia
19. list of albizia species
20. paper bark albizia
21. plume albizia
22. poison pod albizia


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