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1. access-control-allow-origin
2. access control allow origin
3. all that heaven will allow
4. allow
5. allow-ableness
6. allow-none
7. allow a margin
8. allow ableness
9. allow as a discount
10. allow as how
11. allow back
12. allow credit
13. allow for
14. allow for sth
15. allow free rein
16. allow full play
17. allow in
18. allow into a place
19. allow me
20. allow me to re-introduce myself
21. allow me to re introduce myself
22. allow natural death
23. allow nature to take her course
24. allow nature to take its course
25. allow none
26. allow of
27. allow of sth
28. allow residency
29. allow some elbow room
30. allow the use of
31. allow to fluctuate
32. allow up
33. allow us to be frank
34. allow with condescension
35. allow with confidence
36. cancel or allow
37. father won't allow it
38. father wont allow it
39. give allow full play to sth
40. give allow sth full play
41. momma don't allow
42. momma dont allow
43. refuse to allow
44. to allow
45. to allow of


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