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1. apply
2. apply a closure
3. apply a glaze to
4. apply a liquid to
5. apply a plaster cast to
6. apply a remedy
7. apply a salve to
8. apply anesthetics to
9. apply carelessly
10. apply conditioner to
11. apply cosmetics
12. apply dishonestly
13. apply for
14. apply for a loan
15. apply for a reexamination of a case
16. apply for a retrial
17. apply for college
18. apply force to
19. apply formally
20. apply make up
21. apply mousse to
22. apply oneself
23. apply oneself mind
24. apply oneself to
25. apply one’s self to
26. apply paint to
27. apply paint to a body
28. apply powder to
29. apply pressure
30. apply pressure to
31. apply reason
32. apply rouge to
33. apply some pressure
34. apply the attention to
35. apply the closure
36. apply the mind
37. apply the mind to
38. apply to
39. apply with a dab
40. apply with a sponge
41. apply within
42. apply yourself
43. humans need not apply
44. kalyanam conditions apply
45. rules don't apply
46. rules dont apply
47. terms and conditions may apply
48. to apply for the chiltern hundreds


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