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1. act as if
2. as if
3. as if apart
4. as if by magic
5. as if i'm not there
6. as if i am not there
7. as if i care
8. as if i cared
9. as if im not there
10. as if it's your last
11. as if it is going out of style
12. as if it were the seasons
13. as if its your last
14. as if on cue
15. as if one's life depended on it
16. as if one's life depends on it
17. as if one owns the place
18. as if ones life depended on it
19. as if ones life depends on it
20. as if own the place
21. as if rule
22. as if there is no tomorrow
23. as if there was no tomorrow
24. as if there were no tomorrow
25. as if though
26. as if to nothing
27. as if to the manner born
28. as if we never said goodbye
29. as if when etc the spirit moves sb
30. as if you own the place
31. as if you owned the place
32. do something as if you own the place
33. feel as if
34. it’s not as if
35. like as if
36. look as if
37. look as if butter wouldn't melt in mouth
38. look as if butter wouldnt melt in mouth
39. look as if you have seen a ghost
40. made as if
41. make as if
42. make as if to do something
43. make as if to do sth
44. makes as if
45. making as if
46. philosophy of as if
47. sound as if
48. sound like as if as though
49. the philosophy of as if
50. to make as if
51. write as if with print


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