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1. andrew jackson assassination attempts
2. assassination attempts on adolf hitler
3. assassination attempts on barack obama
4. assassination attempts on fidel castro
5. assassination attempts on hamid karzai
6. assassination attempts on hirohito
7. attempts
8. attempts at disenfranchisement
9. attempts to ban football games
10. attempts to escape oflag iv-c
11. attempts to escape oflag iv c
12. busy-hour call attempts
13. busy hour call attempts
14. colonization attempts by poland
15. constitutionalization attempts in iran
16. guantanamo suicide attempts
17. list of alcatraz escape attempts
18. list of attempts to escape oflag iv-c
19. list of attempts to escape oflag iv c
20. list of coup attempts
21. list of coup d'etats and coup attempts
22. list of coup detats and coup attempts
23. modern attempts to revive the sanhedrin
24. new attempts to restrict abortion
25. presidential assassination attempts
26. rescue attempts
27. spanish attempts to reconquer mexico
28. spanish reconquest attempts of mexico
29. suicide attempts
30. takeover attempts
31. us president assassination attempts
32. yemeni crisis reconciliation attempts


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