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1. all the mornings bring
2. all you ever do is bring me down
3. april showers bring may flowers
4. blue skies bring tears
5. bridge or bring up
6. bring
7. bring-and-buy
8. bring-and-buy sale
9. bring-and-buy sales
10. bring-and-buys
11. bring-down search
12. bring-gerrard normal form
13. bring-in
14. bring-ins
15. bring-jerrard form
16. bring-jerrard normal form
17. bring-jerrard quintic
18. bring-to
19. bring-your-daughter-to-work day
20. bring 'em all in
21. bring 'em bach alive
22. bring 'em back
23. bring 'em down
24. bring 'em out live
25. bring / take back
26. bring a bottle
27. bring a case
28. bring a charge
29. bring a charge against
30. bring a countercharge
31. bring a dog to heel
32. bring a formal accusation against
33. bring a halt to
34. bring a knife to a gunfight
35. bring a legal action
36. bring a little lovin
37. bring a lump to throat
38. bring a lump to your throat
39. bring a person to his senses
40. bring a rabbit out of a hat
41. bring a rabbit out of the hat
42. bring a smile to her lips
43. bring a smile to his lips
44. bring a smile to one's lips
45. bring a smile to ones lips
46. bring a smile to their lips
47. bring a smile to your face/lips
48. bring a smile to your face lips
49. bring a stop to
50. bring a suit
51. bring a tear to her eye
52. bring a tear to his eye
53. bring a tear to one's eye
54. bring a tear to ones eye
55. bring a tear to someone's eye
56. bring a tear to someones eye
57. bring a tear to someone’s eye
58. bring a verdict in
59. bring about
60. bring about by force
61. bring about by legislation
62. bring about change
63. bring about ears
64. bring about the capture of
65. bring accusation
66. bring action against
67. bring aid
68. bring alive
69. bring all together
70. bring along
71. bring an action
72. bring an action against
73. bring an amount of money in
74. bring an end to
75. bring an end to something
76. bring and buy
77. bring and buy sale
78. bring and buy sales
79. bring and buys
80. bring around
81. bring ashore
82. bring away
83. bring back
84. bring back birdie
85. bring back down to earth
86. bring back her head
87. bring back my daddy to me
88. bring back my happiness
89. bring back my soldier boy to me
90. bring back out
91. bring back star wars
92. bring back that leroy brown
93. bring back the bees
94. bring back to earth
95. bring back to life
96. bring back to reality
97. bring back your love to me
98. bring before
99. bring before a court
100. bring call hold someone to account

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