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1. assault causing bodily harm
2. cancer-causing
3. cancer-causing viruses
4. cancer causing
5. cancer causing viruses
6. causing
7. causing a commotion
8. causing a flutter among the dovecotes
9. causing a flutter among the dovecots
10. causing death
11. causing death by dangerous driving
12. causing destruction
13. causing difficulty
14. causing disagreement
15. causing disassociation
16. causing disjunction
17. causing pain
18. causing pleasure
19. causing separation
20. causing suffering
21. causing to sleep
22. discovery of disease-causing pathogens
23. discovery of disease causing pathogens
24. hispanic causing panic
25. negligence causing death
26. neonatal meningitis-causing e. coli
27. neonatal meningitis causing e coli
28. scale causing elements


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