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1. 'tis the damn season
2. a damn sight
3. a damn sight greater/smaller etc
4. a damn sight greater smaller etc
5. aaw damn
6. ain't a damn thang changed
7. ain't a damn thing changed
8. aint a damn thang changed
9. aint a damn thing changed
10. america can't do a damn thing against us
11. america cant do a damn thing against us
12. and damn the consequences/expense etc
13. and damn the consequences expense etc
14. are not worth a damn
15. aren't worth a damn
16. arent worth a damn
17. as near as damn it
18. best damn night
19. best damn rap show
20. best damn sports show period
21. best damn thing
22. best damn world tour
23. best damn wrestling event period
24. care a damn
25. care a tinker's damn
26. care a tinkers damn
27. clara damn
28. could give a damn
29. damn
30. damn-all
31. damn-fool
32. damn all
33. damn alls
34. damn and blast
35. damn band
36. damn by association
37. damn country music
38. damn daniel
39. damn drunk
40. damn fool
41. damn good dog
42. damn i wish i was your lover
43. damn interesting
44. damn it
45. damn it/you/him etc
46. damn it acronym
47. damn it all
48. damn it feels good to be a gangsta
49. damn it to blue blazes
50. damn it you him etc
51. damn my eyes
52. damn nation
53. damn near
54. damn personals
55. damn right
56. damn sb with faint praise
57. damn senators
58. damn skippy
59. damn small linux
60. damn someone/something with faint praise
61. damn someone something with faint praise
62. damn straight
63. damn the machine
64. damn the torpedoes
65. damn the weather
66. damn tour
67. damn u
68. damn vulnerable linux
69. damn vulnerable web application
70. damn well
71. damn with
72. damn with faint praise
73. damn yankee
74. damn yankees
75. damn you them it etc
76. damn your eyes
77. damn your hide
78. damned damn near
79. didn't give a damn
80. didn't give a tinker's damn
81. didnt give a damn
82. didnt give a tinkers damn
83. doesn't give a damn
84. doesn't give a tinker's damn
85. doesnt give a damn
86. doesnt give a tinkers damn
87. don't give a damn
88. don't give a tinker's damn
89. dont give a damn
90. dont give a tinkers damn
91. feelin' way too damn good
92. feelin way too damn good
93. gave a damn
94. give a damn
95. give a tinker's damn
96. give a tinkers damn
97. given a damn
98. gives a damn
99. giving a damn
100. god-damn

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