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1. establish
2. establish a colony in
3. establish a corporation
4. establish a point
5. establish as
6. establish as facts
7. establish as genuine
8. establish as truth
9. establish beforehand
10. establish boundaries
11. establish by agreement
12. establish by induction
13. establish by law
14. establish by proof
15. establish connection
16. establish equilibrium
17. establish guide lines
18. establish guidelines for
19. establish in
20. establish in an office
21. establish on a new scale
22. establish oneself
23. establish parameters
24. establish position
25. establish the authenticity of a will
26. establish the genuineness of
27. establish the genuineness of a will
28. establish the truth of
29. establish the validity of
30. establish the validity of a will
31. establish with certainty
32. establish yourself
33. facts which establish the point in issue
34. failure to establish a cause of action
35. pre-establish
36. pre establish
37. re-establish
38. re establish
39. to establish justice


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