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1. divinely uninspired to a hellish extent
2. equal in extent
3. extent
4. extent file system
5. extent in aid
6. extent in chief
7. extent of a military exercise
8. extent of authority
9. extent of damage
10. extent of disability
11. extent of item
12. extent of reaction
13. extent of surface
14. extent of the court’s authority
15. extent of view
16. file extent
17. full extent
18. furthest extent
19. greatest extent
20. increase in extent
21. map extent
22. not fixed in extent
23. of equal extent
24. of great extent
25. statement of extent
26. to a certain extent
27. to a great extent
28. to a greater extent
29. to a greater lesser degree extent
30. to a greater or lesser degree extent
31. to a greater or lesser extent
32. to a large/great extent
33. to a large great extent
34. to a lesser/greater extent
35. to a lesser extent
36. to a lesser extent degree
37. to a lesser greater extent
38. to a limited extent
39. to a sickening extent
40. to an extent
41. to an indefinitie extent
42. to some/a certain/a limited extent
43. to some a certain a limited extent
44. to some extent
45. to such an extent
46. to that extent
47. to the/such an extent that
48. to the extent of
49. to the extent that
50. to the full extent possible
51. to the fullest extent of
52. to the same extent
53. to the such an extent that
54. to the whole extent
55. to what extent
56. writ of extent
57. writ of extent in aid
58. writ of extent in chief


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