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1. a. c. wagner youth correctional facility
2. a c wagner youth correctional facility
3. abuse in mental health facility
4. accommodative facility
5. accredited facility
6. adams county correctional facility
7. adf: application development facility
8. adirondack correctional facility
9. advanced synchronization facility
10. advanced technology development facility
11. advanced toroidal facility
12. advanced x-ray astronomical facility
13. advanced x-ray astrophysics facility
14. advanced x ray astronomical facility
15. advanced x ray astrophysics facility
16. aero-propulsion systems test facility
17. aero propulsion systems test facility
18. aerospace data facility
19. aerospace data facility-colorado
20. aerospace data facility-east
21. aerospace data facility-southwest
22. aerospace data facility colorado
23. aerospace data facility east
24. aerospace data facility southwest
25. affordable medicines facility-malaria
26. affordable medicines facility malaria
27. africa project development facility
28. aggie field hockey facility
29. ahuroa gas storage facility
30. air facility
31. air force facility missile site 8
32. air force satellite control facility
33. air mail facility
34. air traffic control facility
35. airport facility access fee
36. airspace control facility
37. alaska satellite facility
38. albion correctional facility
39. alger correctional facility
40. alternative display facility
41. altona correctional facility
42. ambulatory care facility
43. another system definition facility
44. approved delivery facility
45. arkansas valley correctional facility
46. army aviation support facility
47. array network facility
48. arthur kill correctional facility
49. asia emergency response facility
50. assisted-living facility
51. assisted living facility
52. atchison storage facility
53. athletic facility
54. atsugi naval air facility
55. attica correctional facility
56. auburn correctional facility
57. australia telescope national facility
58. australian national fabrication facility
59. auxiliary facility
60. avenal solar facility
61. baghdad nuclear research facility
62. bagram theater detention facility
63. ballarat regional soccer facility
64. baraga correctional facility
65. bare hill correctional facility
66. barnstable county correctional facility
67. bay correctional facility
68. bayview correctional facility
69. beacon correctional facility
70. bedford hills correctional facility
71. behavior modification facility
72. bellamy creek correctional facility
73. ben avery shooting facility
74. benefield anechoic facility
75. bent county correctional facility
76. bibb correctional facility
77. black mesa research facility
78. blackwater river correctional facility
79. bordelais correctional facility
80. brockbridge correctional facility
81. buena vista correctional facility
82. buffalo correctional facility
83. bullock correctional facility
84. business instructional facility
85. cafeteria facility
86. california health care facility
87. california medical facility
88. canadian synchrotron radiation facility
89. capacitated facility location
90. care facility
91. carson city correctional facility
92. cayuga correctional facility
93. centennial correctional facility
94. central arizona correctional facility
95. central california women's facility
96. central california womens facility
97. central laser facility
98. central liquidity facility
99. central michigan correctional facility
100. central new mexico correctional facility

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