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1. antony flew
2. as the crow flew
3. butterfly that flew over the sea
4. flew
5. flew a kite
6. flew about/around
7. flew about around
8. flew anthony
9. flew at
10. flew at sb/sth
11. flew at sb sth
12. flew blind
13. flew by
14. flew by the seat of pants
15. flew high
16. flew in
17. flew in the face
18. flew in the face of
19. flew in the teeth of
20. flew into
21. flew into a rage
22. flew into a temper
23. flew low
24. flew off the handle
25. flew off the shelves
26. flew on
27. flew open
28. flew out
29. flew the coop
30. flew the flag
31. flew the nest
32. flew under the radar
33. flew up
34. flew with leaden wings
35. one flew over the cuckoo's nest
36. one flew over the cuckoo clock
37. one flew over the cuckoos nest
38. one flew south
39. planes that never flew
40. robert newton flew
41. terry flew
42. test-flew
43. test flew
44. the butterfly that flew over the sea
45. they flew alone
46. three flew over the cuckoo's nest
47. three flew over the cuckoos nest
48. when magoo flew


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