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1. a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds
2. a foolish maiden
3. be penny-wise and pound-foolish
4. be penny wise and pound foolish
5. childishly foolish
6. foolish
7. foolish beat
8. foolish behaviour
9. foolish behaviour tour
10. foolish club
11. foolish consistency
12. foolish emilyan and the talking fish
13. foolish fatherland
14. foolish four
15. foolish games
16. foolish guillemot
17. foolish guillemots
18. foolish happiness
19. foolish heart
20. foolish lake
21. foolish little girl
22. foolish loving spaces
23. foolish lullaby
24. foolish matrons
25. foolish pleasure
26. foolish powder
27. foolish pride
28. foolish thing desire
29. foolish thing to do
30. foolish things
31. foolish virgin
32. foolish wives
33. foolish woman
34. foolish women
35. foolish years
36. my foolish heart
37. parable of the wise and foolish virgins
38. penny-wise and/but pound-foolish
39. penny-wise and pound-foolish
40. penny-wise but pound-foolish
41. penny wise and but pound foolish
42. penny wise and pound foolish
43. penny wise but pound foolish
44. penny wise pound foolish
45. pound-foolish
46. pound foolish
47. stay hungry stay foolish
48. the foolish heart
49. the foolish matrons
50. the foolish thing to do
51. the foolish virgin
52. the wise and the foolish builders
53. these foolish things
54. wee bee foolish
55. wise and foolish builders
56. wise and foolish virgins
57. wise and the foolish builders
58. young and foolish
59. young foolish happy


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