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1. 0 fucks given
2. a given
3. a god-given right
4. a god given right
5. am given
6. any given day
7. any given saturday
8. any given sundance
9. any given sunday
10. any given thursday
11. any given wednesday with bill simmons
12. are given
13. ask and it shall be given you
14. at any given time
15. be given
16. be given a guernsey
17. be given her card
18. be given his card
19. be given one's card
20. be given ones card
21. be given the axe
22. be given the chop
23. be given the gate
24. be given the rations
25. be given their card
26. be given to sth
27. be given to understand
28. been given
29. been given a guernsey
30. been given the gate
31. been given the rations
32. being given
33. being given a guernsey
34. being given the gate
35. being given the rations
36. car accident tickets given
37. chinese given name
38. chinese given names
39. construct the center of a given circle
40. deed given to secure a debt
41. e. jane given
42. e jane given
43. english given name
44. english language given name
45. equimomental cone of a given rigid body
46. equivalent given for injury
47. equivalent given for loss sustained
48. every given moment
49. feminine given name
50. florence given
51. for reasons given
52. fore-given
53. fore given
54. german given name
55. germanic given name
56. get/be given an easy ride
57. get/be given the bum’s rush
58. get/be given the chop
59. get/be given the cold shoulder
60. get/be given your cards
61. get a guernsey/be given a guernsey
62. get a guernsey be given a guernsey
63. get be given an easy ride
64. get be given the bum’s rush
65. get be given the chop
66. get be given the cold shoulder
67. get be given your cards
68. given
69. given-name
70. given-when-then
71. given-year method
72. given a bad account
73. given a bad name
74. given a bell
75. given a bloody nose
76. given a break
77. given a bum rap
78. given a damn
79. given a darn
80. given a dose of their own medicine
81. given a fair shake
82. given a fig
83. given a fit
84. given a flying fuck
85. given a fuck
86. given a good account of herself
87. given a good account of himself
88. given a good account of itself
89. given a good account of myself
90. given a good account of oneself
91. given a good account of ourselves
92. given a good account of themselves
93. given a good account of yourself
94. given a good account of yourselves
95. given a good run for their money
96. given a hand
97. given a hang
98. given a hard time
99. given a hoot
100. given a mandate

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