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1. -goes
2. ... and the beat goes on
3. ...and so it goes
4. ...and soul it goes
5. ...so goes the nation
6. ...so the story goes
7. ...the beat goes on
8. a dream goes on forever
9. a girl goes ashore
10. a good man goes to war
11. a light bulb goes off
12. a light bulb goes off in someone's head
13. a light bulb goes off in someones head
14. a light bulb goes on
15. a light bulb goes on in someone's head
16. a light bulb goes on in someones head
17. a little goes a long way
18. a mountain goes to sea
19. a song goes round the world
20. albrecht goes
21. album title goes here
22. ali baba goes to town
23. alice cooper goes to hell
24. all goes wrong
25. allan goes
26. almost anything goes
27. amanda palmer goes down under
28. amelia goes to the ball
29. america drinks & goes home
30. america goes bananaz
31. america goes over
32. and life goes on
33. and love goes on
34. and so it goes
35. and soul it goes
36. and the beat goes on
37. and the oscar goes to
38. and the story goes
39. and the waltz goes on
40. and the world goes 'round
41. and the world goes round
42. anything goes
43. anything goes match
44. anything goes tour
45. army goes rolling along
46. as far as goes
47. as far as it goes
48. as far as something goes
49. as goes
50. as so far as goes
51. as someone/something goes
52. as someone goes
53. as someone something goes
54. as something goes
55. as the light goes out
56. as the saying goes
57. as time goes by
58. away goes prudence
59. babette goes to war
60. balloon goes up
61. bang goes
62. bang goes something
63. bang goes sth
64. bang goes the knighthood
65. bang goes the theory
66. barney goes to school
67. bbc four goes slow
68. beat goes on
69. beat goes on!
70. ben nevis goes east
71. bento de goes
72. best little whorehouse goes public
73. betty goes green
74. big nate goes for broke
75. bill oddie goes wild
76. billy bishop goes to war
77. billy jack goes to washington
78. black cinderella two goes east
79. blackadder goes forth
80. blaze starr goes nudist
81. blondie goes latin
82. blondie goes to college
83. bobby brown goes down
84. bobby goes nuts
85. boldly goes where no man has gone before
86. bonzo goes to bitburg
87. bonzo goes to college
88. boom goes the dynamite
89. bop girl goes calypso
90. boston blackie goes hollywood
91. bowling for soup goes to the movies
92. boy goes to heaven
93. brave little toaster goes to mars
94. brian goes back to college
95. bride goes wild
96. buddy goes west
97. buster goes berserk
98. buy when it snows and sell when it goes
99. bw goes c&w
100. captain goes down with the ship

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