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1. -algebras have approximate identities
2. ...all that might have been
3. ...and what have you
4. a good day to have an affair
5. a must do have see etc
6. abilities that should have been sealed
7. all fates have changed
8. all i have
9. all i have to do is dream
10. all i have to give
11. all i have to offer you
12. all our gods have abandoned us
13. all that might have been
14. all that we have now
15. all the ... you have
16. all the best cowboys have chinese eyes
17. all the best cowboys have daddy issues
18. all the negatives have been destroyed
19. all we have is love
20. all we have left
21. all women have secrets
22. all you have to do
23. all you really have to do
24. alt det jeg ville have sagt
25. always have always will
26. always have jazmine
27. and all that could have been
28. and death shall have no dominion
29. and have done with it
30. and what have you
31. and whatnot/and what have you
32. and whatnot and what have you
33. angels we have heard on high
34. animal i have become
35. are you now or have you ever been
36. as fate would have it
37. as good luck would have it
38. as long as i have you
39. as luck may have it
40. as luck would have it
41. ayes have it
42. b-have
43. b have
44. bad luck is all i have
45. bankers also have souls
46. batman and robin have an altercation
47. be have done with
48. be have done with it
49. be have everything someone wants
50. be have nothing to do with sb
51. be have nothing to do with sb sth
52. be have something to do with something
53. be have something to do with sth
54. be in a paddy have a paddy
55. be of have no fixed abode address
56. be on have a short fuse
57. before have time to draw breath
58. bitch betta have my money
59. bitch better have my money
60. bitch we have a problem tour
61. bits of what i have
62. blondes have more fun
63. blood will have blood
64. boy bands have won
65. bullies have all gone to rest
66. bury have your head in the sand
67. busiest men have the most leisure
68. can't say's i have
69. can't say i have
70. can't say that i have
71. can i have it like that
72. can i have my money back
73. can i have this dance
74. cant have
75. cant say i have
76. cant say that i have
77. cant says i have
78. car parts may have been stolen
79. cats don't have vertigo
80. cats dont have vertigo
81. cause to have
82. chickens have come home to roost
83. clean your plate before you have dessert
84. come have coffee with us
85. could have
86. could have been a contender
87. could have been me
88. could have died of sth
89. could have done with
90. could have fooled me
91. could have sworn
92. could i have a lift
93. could i have call you
94. could i have the bill
95. could i have the check
96. could i have this dance
97. could i have this kiss forever
98. couldn't have asked for more
99. couldn't have said it better
100. couldnt have asked for more

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