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101. having a word
102. having a word in ear
103. having against
104. having all her bases covered
105. having all his bases covered
106. having all its bases covered
107. having all my bases covered
108. having all our bases covered
109. having all the answers
110. having all their bases covered
111. having all your bases covered
112. having an affair
113. having an ax to grind
114. having an axe to grind
115. having an ear to the ground
116. having an eye
117. having an eye for
118. having an eye for the main chance
119. having an eye on the main chance
120. having an eye to
121. having an eye to the main chance
122. having an idea
123. having another string to bow
124. having another thing coming
125. having another think coming
126. having ants in pants
127. having anything on
128. having ass in a sling
129. having at
130. having at feet
131. having babies
132. having bats in belfry
133. having bats in the belfry
134. having been around
135. having been around the block
136. having been around the block a few times
137. having been known
138. having been there before
139. having bellyful
140. having bigger fish to fry
141. having blood on hands
142. having blood on one's hands
143. having blood on ones hands
144. having both feet on the ground
145. having by the short and curlies
146. having by the short hairs
147. having come to stay
148. having coming out of ears
149. having corymbs of drooping flowers
150. having dander up
151. having designs on
152. having direct bearing
153. having done
154. having done something/having been
155. having done something having been
156. having done with
157. having down
158. having down as
159. having down pat
160. having down to a fine art
161. having ducks in a row
162. having ear
163. having eating out of hand
164. having end away
165. having eye on
166. having eyes bigger than belly
167. having eyes bigger than one's stomach
168. having eyes bigger than ones stomach
169. having eyes bigger than stomach
170. having eyes for
171. having eyes in the back of head
172. having eyes like a hawk
173. having eyes like saucers
174. having feet firmly planted on the ground
175. having feet on the ground
176. having finger on the pulse
177. having fingers in the till
178. having fixed limits
179. having for breakfast
180. having force
181. having formal education
182. having fun
183. having fun with elvis on stage
184. having going for
185. having gone out with the ark
186. having got
187. having got another think coming
188. having got it
189. having got it bad
190. having got it in for
191. having got it in one
192. having got it made
193. having got no idea
194. having got nothing on
195. having got nothing to do
196. having got on
197. having got on the brain
198. having got something to do
199. having got sth on
200. having great strength

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