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1. 2 many djs
2. a family like many others
3. a good many
4. a great many
5. a man of many parts
6. a many-splendoured thing
7. a many splendoured thing
8. after many a summer
9. after many a summer dies the swan
10. after many days
11. alexis b. many
12. alexis b many
13. america in so many words
14. arsenic many signs forassembled
15. as many
16. as many as
17. at least so many
18. at so many years` purchase
19. be several many removes from sth
20. begonia many colours
21. belonging to many
22. business to many
23. cat of many tails
24. christmas of many colors
25. cloak of many colors
26. coat of many colors
27. coat of many colours
28. coat of many cupboards
29. common to many
30. continuum many
31. countably many
32. crown him with many crowns
33. dolly parton's coat of many colors
34. dolly partons coat of many colors
35. draft once reuse many
36. earth has many a noble city
37. everett many-worlds interpretation
38. everett many worlds interpretation
39. fallacy of many questions
40. few/no/not many takers
41. few against many
42. few no not many takers
43. for the many
44. for we are many
45. girls of many lands
46. go in many directions
47. good many
48. great/good many
49. great good many
50. great many
51. had many irons in the fire
52. had many strings to bow
53. had one too many
54. half again as many
55. half again as many as
56. half again as much many
57. half again as much many as
58. half as many again as
59. half as much many again
60. half as much many again as
61. hare and many friends
62. has many irons in the fire
63. has many strings to bow
64. has one too many
65. have a few too many
66. have finger in too many pies
67. have many irons in the fire
68. have many strings to bow
69. have one's fingers in many pies
70. have one too many
71. have ones fingers in many pies
72. have too many irons in the fire
73. having many irons in the fire
74. having many strings to bow
75. having one too many
76. hero of many
77. hill o' many stanes
78. hill o many stanes
79. house of many ways
80. how many
81. how many angels can stand on the head of a pin
82. how many children had lady macbeth
83. how many clouds can you see
84. how many drinks
85. how many fucks
86. how many languages do you speak
87. how many licks
88. how many miles to babylon
89. how many moons
90. how many more times
91. how many more years
92. how many nibbles in a byte
93. how many seconds in a hour
94. how many siblings do you have
95. how many tears
96. how many times
97. how many times can we say goodbye
98. how many times do i have to tell you
99. how many votes fix mix
100. how many words

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