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1. court ladies preparing newly woven silk
2. evidence newly discovered
3. newly
4. newly-discovered evidence
5. newly-formed
6. newly-industrialized country
7. newly-weds
8. newly arisen
9. newly arrived
10. newly come
11. newly discovered
12. newly discovered evidence
13. newly formed
14. newly formed ice
15. newly freshly minted
16. newly independent states
17. newly industrial countries
18. newly industrialised countries
19. newly industrialised country
20. newly industrialised economies
21. newly industrialising countries
22. newly industrialized countries
23. newly industrialized country
24. newly industrialized economy
25. newly industrializing countries
26. newly industrializing country
27. newly industrializing economies
28. newly industrializing economy
29. newly licensed driver plate
30. newly minted
31. newly qualified teacher
32. newly single
33. newly swissed
34. newly weds
35. robert's rules of order newly revised
36. roberts rules of order newly revised


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