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1. a duo occasion
2. a sense of occasion
3. another joyous occasion
4. ceremonial occasion
5. critical occasion
6. dressed for the occasion
7. festive occasion
8. first occasion
9. fitting occasion
10. for the present occasion
11. formal occasion
12. gala occasion
13. give occasion for
14. give occasion to
15. have occasion for
16. have occasion to do sth
17. if/when the occasion arises
18. if when the occasion arises
19. improve the occasion
20. keep for another occasion
21. keep something for another occasion
22. leave for another occasion
23. occasion
24. occasion for loving
25. occasion of sin
26. on no occasion
27. on occasion
28. on one occasion
29. on the occasion of
30. or occasion
31. proper occasion
32. rise to the occasion
33. rise to the occasion challenge
34. risen to the occasion
35. rises to the occasion
36. rising to the occasion
37. rose to the occasion
38. royal occasion orchid
39. sense of occasion
40. social occasion
41. songs to ruin every occasion
42. special occasion
43. state occasion
44. strange occasion
45. suitable occasion
46. take occasion
47. takes occasion
48. taking occasion
49. time or occasion
50. to take occasion by the forelock
51. took occasion


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