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1. authority to operate business
2. build-operate-transfer
3. build-operate-transfer contract
4. build operate transfer
5. build operate transfer contract
6. build own operate transfer
7. co-operate
8. co operate
9. design-build-operate-maintain contract
10. design build operate maintain contract
11. freedom-to-operate
12. freedom to operate
13. how to operate with a blown mind
14. how we operate
15. operate
16. operate a dial
17. operate a vehicle
18. operate against
19. operate from
20. operate jointly
21. operate like a pump
22. operate on
23. operate time
24. permit to operate
25. power-operate
26. power operate
27. preferential right to operate
28. rockman exe operate shooting star
29. slow-operate relay
30. slow operate relay


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