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1. calculus of residues
2. complete set of residues
3. complete system of residues
4. crop residues
5. days' residues
6. days residues
7. drug residues
8. feed residues
9. hydrophobic residues
10. iodine residues in milk
11. least nonnegative residues
12. logging residues
13. method of residues
14. pesticide residues
15. pesticide tissue residues
16. quadratic residues
17. representants of quadratic residues
18. residues
19. residues - method of
20. residues method of
21. residues of gamma function
22. residues of tangent and cotangent
23. rest and residues
24. result on quadratic residues
25. system of residues
26. technique for computing residues
27. working party on pesticide residues


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