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1. as shes walking away
2. cant you see that shes mine
3. for all shes worth
4. he-shes
5. he shes
6. hes my brother shes my sister
7. i wonder what shes doing tonight
8. im hes shes your man
9. just dont wait around til shes leavin
10. maybe shes human
11. now she knows shes wrong
12. now shes gone
13. now that shes in town
14. she dont know shes beautiful
15. shes
16. shes a bad mama jama
17. shes a beauty
18. shes a bitch
19. shes a boy i knew
20. shes a fool
21. shes a fox
22. shes a genius
23. shes a good girl
24. shes a hottie
25. shes a lady
26. shes a little bit country
27. shes a machine
28. shes a miracle
29. shes a mod
30. shes a mystery to me
31. shes a rainbow
32. shes a rebel
33. shes a riot
34. shes a river
35. shes a secretary
36. shes a sheik
37. shes a soldier too
38. shes a star
39. shes a superstar
40. shes a sweetheart
41. shes a woman
42. shes about a mover
43. shes all i ever had
44. shes all i got
45. shes all on my mind
46. shes all that
47. shes always a woman
48. shes always a woman to me
49. shes always right
50. shes american
51. shes anko
52. shes apples
53. shes back
54. shes back on broadway
55. shes beautiful when shes angry
56. shes been away
57. shes bought a hat like princess marina
58. shes come undone
59. shes country
60. shes crafty
61. shes crazy for leavin
62. shes crushed
63. shes dangerous
64. shes dating the gangster
65. shes done it again
66. shes dope
67. shes dressed to kill
68. shes electric
69. shes every woman
70. shes everything
71. shes for me
72. shes funny that way
73. shes getting serious
74. shes goin bald
75. shes going home with me
76. shes gone
77. shes gonna make it
78. shes gonna win your heart
79. shes got a reason
80. shes got a single thing in mind
81. shes got a way
82. shes got a way with words
83. shes got balls
84. shes got claws
85. shes got everything
86. shes got game
87. shes got issues
88. shes got it
89. shes got it all
90. shes got me dancing
91. shes got nothing on
92. shes got rhythm
93. shes got that look in her eyes
94. shes got that vibe
95. shes got the look
96. shes got to be a saint
97. shes got you
98. shes got you high
99. shes gotta have it
100. shes having a baby

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