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1. a j ayer sir
2. abbott john joseph caldwell sir
3. abbott sir
4. abbott sir john
5. abbott sir john joseph caldwell
6. abdubakar tafawa balewa alhaji sir
7. abel frederick augustus sir
8. abel sir
9. abel sir frederick augustus
10. abercrombie patrick sir
11. abercrombie sir
12. abercrombie sir leslie patrick
13. abercrombie sir patrick
14. abercromby sir ralph
15. absolute sir anthony
16. abu sir
17. abubakar tafawa balewa sir
18. acton sir john francis edward
19. adams sir william
20. admiral sir james wishart
21. admiral sir william penn
22. admiral sir william ramsay
23. adrian cedric boult sir
24. adventures of sir galahad
25. adventures of sir lancelot
26. adventures of sir prancelot
27. aga sir sultan muhammad shah
28. agravain sir
29. aguecheek sir andrew
30. ahmad khan sir sayyid
31. airy sir george biddell
32. alan lloyd hodgkin sir
33. alcock sir john william
34. alec guinness sir
35. alexander bustamante sir
36. alexander fleming sir
37. alexander harold r l g sir
38. alexander korda sir
39. alexander mackenzie sir
40. alexander sir
41. alexander sir harold r l g
42. alexander sir william
43. alfred charles bernard lovell sir
44. alfred hitchcock sir
45. alhaji sir abubakar tafawa balewa
46. all sir garnet
47. allan sir hugh
48. allbutt sir thomas clifford
49. alma tadema lawrence sir
50. alma tadema sir
51. alma tadema sir lawrence
52. almatadema lawrence sir
53. almatadema sir
54. almatadema sir lawrence
55. amir taj al-sir
56. amir taj al sir
57. amis sir kingsley
58. an ill favoured thing sir but mine own
59. andrew fielding huxley sir
60. andros edmund sir
61. andros sir
62. andros sir edmund
63. angell sir norman
64. angus wilson sir
65. anson sir william reynell
66. anthony hope hawkins sir
67. anthony van dyck sir
68. anthony vandyke sir
69. anton dolin sir
70. appleton edward victor sir
71. appleton sir
72. appleton sir edward victor
73. archibald geikie sir
74. argall samuel sir
75. argall sir
76. argall sir samuel
77. arkwright richard sir
78. arkwright sir
79. arkwright sir richard
80. arnold edward trevor bax sir
81. arnold edwin sir
82. arnold sir
83. arnold sir edwin
84. arnold sir malcolm
85. arthur bliss sir
86. arthur conan doyle sir
87. arthur eddington sir
88. arthur harden sir
89. arthur john evans sir
90. arthur keith sir
91. arthur sullivan sir
92. arthur thomas quiller couch sir
93. arthur thomas quillercouch sir
94. arthur wing pinero sir
95. ashdown sir paddy
96. ashton frederick sir
97. ashton sir
98. ashton sir frederick
99. assassination of sir arthur charles
100. assassination of sir henry gurney

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