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1. a place to sit
2. actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea
3. anathema sit
4. apartment-sit
5. apartment sit
6. apidej sit-hirun
7. apidej sit hirun
8. apidej sit hrun
9. atomic sit-ups
10. atomic sit ups
11. baby-sit
12. baby sit
13. battle of the sit river
14. bed-sit
15. bed-sit girl
16. bed sit
17. bed sit girl
18. can i sit next to you girl
19. cat-sit
20. cat sit
21. come in and sit a spell
22. come in and sit down
23. crow sit on blood tree
24. cyber sit-in
25. cyber sit in
26. do sit down
27. dockum drug store sit-in
28. dockum drug store sit in
29. dog-sit
30. dog sit
31. don't just sit there
32. don't sit under the apple tree
33. dont just sit there
34. dont sit under the apple tree
35. expedit reipublicae ut sit finis litium
36. face-sit
37. face sit
38. fiona sit
39. flint sit-down strike
40. flint sit down strike
41. flying sit spin
42. granny-sit
43. granny sit
44. greenmarket square refugee sit-in
45. greenmarket square refugee sit in
46. greensboro sit-ins
47. greensboro sit ins
48. house-sit
49. house sit
50. howard university sit-ins
51. howard university sit ins
52. i'm gonna sit at the welcome table
53. im gonna sit at the welcome table
54. in eo quod plus sit
55. in mercibus illicitis non sit commercium
56. indictum sit
57. interest reipublicae ut sit finis litium
58. l-sit
59. l sit
60. lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
61. make sit up and take notice
62. maw sit sit
63. modified sit-ups
64. modified sit ups
65. nancy sit
66. nashville sit-ins
67. nashville sit ins
68. nice cup of tea and a sit down
69. non definitur in jure quid sit conatus
70. not sit well
71. not sit well/right with someone
72. not sit well right with someone
73. not sit with
74. oh sit
75. op-sit
76. op sit
77. oportet quod certa sit res venditur
78. penny sit-up
79. penny sit up
80. pet-sit
81. pet sit
82. pets sit
83. petted sit
84. petting sit
85. planetary sit-in
86. planetary sit in
87. plant-sit
88. plant sit
89. please sit down
90. pull up some dust and sit down
91. quamvis aliquid per se non sit malum
92. quot. op. sit
93. quot op sit
94. quoties opus sit
95. rest sit on ones laurels
96. royal ice cream sit-in
97. royal ice cream sit in
98. serve sit be on the bench
99. si nulla sit conjectura quae ducat alio
100. si op. sit

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