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101. come in and take a load off your feet
102. come take my hand
103. could i take a message
104. could i take your order
105. cowboy take me away
106. cross to take up
107. da' take over
108. da take over
109. devil-take-the-hindmost
110. devil take the hindmost
111. devil take us
112. didn't take kindly
113. didn't take no for an answer
114. didnt take kindly
115. didnt take no for an answer
116. direct take
117. dmca take down notice
118. do a double take
119. do i have to take care of everything
120. do you take this man
121. doesn't take kindly
122. doesn't take no for an answer
123. doesnt take kindly
124. doesnt take no for an answer
125. don't take any wooden nickels
126. don't take away my heart
127. don't take away the music
128. don't take it away
129. don't take it to heart
130. don't take kindly
131. don't take love for granted
132. don't take me home
133. don't take my boop-oop-a-doop away
134. don't take no for an answer
135. don't take the girl
136. don't take the money
137. don't take thisroad
138. don't take your guns to town
139. don't take your love from me
140. dont take any wooden nickels
141. dont take away my heart
142. dont take away the music
143. dont take it away
144. dont take it personal
145. dont take it to heart
146. dont take kindly
147. dont take love for granted
148. dont take me home
149. dont take my boop oop a doop away
150. dont take no for an answer
151. dont take the girl
152. dont take the money
153. dont take thisroad
154. dont take your guns to town
155. dont take your love from me
156. double-take
157. double take
158. double take-out
159. double take comics
160. double take e.p
161. double take ep
162. double take out
163. dreams take flight
164. drop-take
165. drop take
166. dub take the voodoo out of reggae
167. easy to take
168. engine failure at take-off
169. engine failure at take off
170. engine failure on take-off
171. engine failure on take off
172. espn first take
173. every breath i take
174. every breath u take
175. every breath you take
176. every step you take
177. exhort to take heed
178. f.u. don't take it personal
179. final take
180. find take shelter
181. first take
182. first we take manhattan
183. frankie miller's double take
184. frankie millers double take
185. free! take your marks
186. fu dont take it personal
187. full house take 2
188. full take
189. garner up to take
190. gave an inch and he will take a mile
191. gave an inch and she will take a mile
192. gentlemen take polaroids
193. get grab take ahold of something
194. get take a rise out of someone
195. get take ahold of yourself
196. get take ones kit off
197. get take possession of sth
198. get take quite a hammering
199. get take the bit between ones teeth
200. get take the bit between your teeth

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