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101. take sick
102. take sides
103. take stock
104. take ten
105. take the air
106. take the biscuit
107. take the bull by the horns
108. take the cake
109. take the count
110. take the field
111. take the fifth
112. take the floor
113. take the mickey
114. take the plunge
115. take the rap
116. take the road
117. take the stage
118. take the stand
119. take the veil
120. take time
121. take time by the forelock
122. take time off
123. take to
124. take to heart
125. take to task
126. take turns
127. take up
128. take up arms
129. take up on
130. take up the gauntlet
131. take up the slack
132. take up with
133. take water
134. take wing

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