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1. 'til a tear becomes a rose
2. a little bitty tear
3. a tear-down
4. a tear down
5. a tear fell
6. a tear for eddie
7. a tear for the ghetto
8. acl tear
9. another tear falls
10. aortic tear
11. artificial tear
12. artificial tear drop
13. artificial tear drops
14. azrael's tear
15. azraels tear
16. blocked tear duct
17. bring a tear to her eye
18. bring a tear to his eye
19. bring a tear to one's eye
20. bring a tear to ones eye
21. bring a tear to someone's eye
22. bring a tear to someones eye
23. bring a tear to someone’s eye
24. bucket-handle tear
25. bucket handle tear
26. cartilage tear
27. cemental tear
28. closed tear
29. croc tear
30. crocodile tear
31. cut tear etc something to ribbons
32. cut tear sth sb to ribbons
33. don't shed a tear
34. dont shed a tear
35. dural tear
36. dutch tear
37. each pearl a tear
38. each tear
39. every falling tear
40. excessive wear and tear charge
41. film tear
42. glass tear
43. glenoid labral tear
44. hidden tear
45. horseshoe tear
46. hot tear
47. how long's a tear take to dry
48. how longs a tear take to dry
49. i'm gonna tear your playhouse down
50. i've cried my last tear for you
51. i cried a tear
52. im gonna tear your playhouse down
53. inflated tear
54. inside a tear
55. is that a tear
56. ive cried my last tear for you
57. lake tear of the clouds
58. ligamental tear
59. looking through a tear
60. love will tear us apart
61. mallory-weiss tear
62. mallory weiss tear
63. marginal tear strip
64. meniscal tear
65. meniscus tear
66. mesenteric tear
67. never cry another tear
68. never tear us apart
69. normal wear and tear
70. not shed a tear
71. omental tear
72. on a tear
73. on the tear
74. one little tear
75. open tear
76. ordinary wear and tear
77. perineal tear
78. perineal tear classification
79. precorneal tear film
80. prelens tear film
81. preocular tear film
82. prince rupert's tear
83. prince ruperts tear
84. reasonable wear and tear
85. rectal tear
86. rectovaginal tear
87. reentry tear
88. retinal tear
89. rip-and-tear
90. rip and tear
91. rip off to tear away from
92. robert tear
93. rotator cuff tear
94. ruby tear
95. rupert's tear
96. ruperts tear
97. schirmer tear test
98. script for a jester's tear
99. script for a jesters tear
100. shed a tear

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