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1. -trimmed
2. be trimmed
3. free in and out stowed and trimmed
4. free in and out trimmed
5. free in trimmed
6. hare trimmed
7. keep your lamp trimmed and burning
8. least trimmed squares
9. lower-trimmed subsequence
10. lower trimmed subsequence
11. pre-trimmed
12. pre trimmed
13. rough trimmed
14. trimmed back
15. trimmed before sewing
16. trimmed coils
17. trimmed down
18. trimmed down to size
19. trimmed estimator
20. trimmed four sides
21. trimmed her sails
22. trimmed his sails
23. trimmed in scarlet
24. trimmed in the round
25. trimmed in the square
26. trimmed its sails
27. trimmed mean
28. trimmed my sails
29. trimmed our sails
30. trimmed perforations
31. trimmed sails
32. trimmed sails to the wind
33. trimmed samples
34. trimmed size
35. trimmed stamps
36. trimmed statistics
37. trimmed their sails
38. trimmed your sails
39. upper-trimmed subsequence
40. upper trimmed subsequence


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