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101. cruyff turn
102. cultural turn
103. days turn blue to gray
104. days turn into nights
105. decisive turn
106. derby turn
107. deutscher turn- und sportbund
108. diamond turn
109. did a bad turn
110. did a good turn
111. didn't know where to turn
112. didn't know which way to turn
113. didn't turn a hair
114. didnt know where to turn
115. didnt know which way to turn
116. didnt turn a hair
117. distance to a turn point and back
118. do a bad turn
119. do a good turn
120. do someone a good turn
121. does a bad turn
122. does a good turn
123. doesn't know where to turn
124. doesn't know which way to turn
125. doesn't turn a hair
126. doesnt know where to turn
127. doesnt know which way to turn
128. doesnt turn a hair
129. doing a bad turn
130. doing a good turn
131. don't know where to turn
132. don't know which way to turn
133. don't turn 'em loose
134. don't turn a hair
135. don't turn around
136. don't turn away
137. don't turn back
138. don't turn me from your door
139. don't turn off the lights
140. don't turn out the lights
141. don't turn your back on me
142. done/cooked to a turn
143. done cooked to a turn
144. done to a turn
145. dont know where to turn
146. dont know which way to turn
147. dont turn a hair
148. dont turn around
149. dont turn away
150. dont turn back
151. dont turn em loose
152. dont turn me from your door
153. dont turn off the lights
154. dont turn out the lights
155. dont turn your back on me
156. down-turn
157. down turn
158. downhill turn
159. each in turn
160. earn turn an honest penny
161. ease turn
162. eddy turn
163. emitter turn off thyristor
164. engine-turn
165. engine turn
166. english turn
167. english turn golf and country club
168. epistemological turn
169. eternal turn of the wheel
170. even a worm will turn
171. every time turn around
172. every turn of the world
173. evil turn
174. face turn
175. filter in turn
176. finish the turn
177. first turn-on
178. first turn on
179. flat turn
180. flip turn
181. frannie's turn
182. frannies turn
183. french turn
184. friendly turn
185. full turn
186. gate turn-off thyristor
187. gate turn off thyristor
188. give a turn
189. go turn beetroot
190. go turn belly up
191. go turn crimson
192. go turn green
193. go turn professional
194. go turn red
195. go turn sour
196. good turn
197. gracar turn
198. gravity turn
199. great turn
200. hairpin turn

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