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1. ...but the little girls understand
2. be given to understand
3. but the little girls understand
4. capacity to understand
5. come to understand
6. difficult to understand
7. easy to understand
8. fail to see understand
9. fail to understand
10. failure to understand
11. forces you don't understand
12. forces you dont understand
13. gave to understand
14. give one to understand
15. give sb to understand sth
16. give someone to understand
17. give to understand
18. given to understand
19. gives to understand
20. giving to understand
21. hard to understand
22. i can't understand
23. i can understand it
24. i cant understand
25. i don't understand
26. i don't understand you
27. i dont understand
28. i dont understand you
29. i fail to see understand
30. i just don't understand
31. i just dont understand
32. i understand
33. impossible to understand
34. it's better if you don't understand
35. its better if you dont understand
36. never understand
37. not hear understand etc a word
38. only the generals gon understand
39. parents just don't understand
40. parents just dont understand
41. please understand me
42. power to understand
43. to give one to understand
44. u understand
45. understand
46. understand by
47. understand fully
48. understand improperly
49. understand incorrectly
50. understand me
51. understand one another/each other
52. understand one another each other
53. understand sb to mean sth
54. understand the meaning of
55. understand this
56. understand this is a dream
57. understand wrongly
58. understand your man
59. why don't they understand
60. why dont they understand
61. you are not expected to understand this
62. you don't understand me
63. you dont understand me
64. you just don't understand
65. you just dont understand


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