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1. amitabha's forty-eight vows
2. amitabhas forty eight vows
3. baptismal vows
4. bodhisattva vows
5. bohdisattva vows
6. break-vows
7. break vows
8. cup of vows
9. exchange vows
10. fatal vows
11. lethal vows
12. lovers' vows
13. lovers vows
14. loversí vows
15. marriage vows
16. monastic vows
17. permanent vows
18. perpetual vows
19. religious vows
20. renewed their wedding vows
21. simple vows
22. solemn vows
23. take vows
24. ten great vows
25. the vows of the heron
26. to take vows
27. twenty-two vows of ambedkar
28. twenty two vows of ambedkar
29. violation of the marriage vows
30. vows
31. vows of the heron
32. wedding vows


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