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1. 'us' tour
2. ...and then there were three... tour
3. ...baby one more time tour
4. 1st wonder tour
5. 2nd law world tour
6. 3 world tour
7. 4 your eyez only tour
8. 4 your eyez only world tour
9. 4th dimensions tour
10. 5sos iii tour
11. a bailar tour
12. a bigger bang tour
13. a change of seasons tour
14. a conspiracy of hope tour
15. a cook's tour
16. a cooks tour
17. a day at the races tour
18. a different kind of truth tour
19. a dramatic turn of events tour
20. a head full of dreams tour
21. a matter of life and death tour
22. a million lights tour
23. a momentary lapse of reason tour
24. a night at the opera tour
25. a night to remember world tour
26. a pentatonix christmas tour
27. a reality tour
28. a rush of blood to the head tour
29. a sense of purpose tour
30. a spanner in the works tour
31. a thousand suns world tour
32. a trick of the tail tour
33. a whistle-stop tour
34. a whistle stop tour
35. a year without rain tour
36. abandonment contour
37. abattoir blues tour
38. abdel-aziz bin habtour
39. abdel aziz bin habtour
40. above the noise tour
41. absolution tour
42. acatour
43. acceptour
44. accidents & accusations tour
45. accurate contour
46. accusatour
47. achatour
48. across the great divide tour
49. active contour
50. actor tour
51. actour
52. ad dustour
53. addicted tour
54. administratour
55. adrenalize world tour
56. adria tour
57. adventures of mimi tour
58. advertised tour
59. aero-vederci baby! tour
60. aero vederci baby! tour
61. affirmation world tour
62. afraid of heights tour
63. african canadian heritage tour
64. after hours til dawn stadium tour
65. after hours tour
66. after hours world tour
67. after laughter tour
68. after party tour
69. afterburner world tour
70. afterlove tour
71. aftershock tour
72. against all gods tour
73. agitatour
74. ahmed benbitour
75. al dustour
76. albertane tour
77. album of the year tour
78. alexandre delatour
79. alexisonfire farewell tour
80. alfred de baillet latour
81. alive! tour
82. alive galaxy tour
83. alive ii tour
84. alive tour
85. all fired up tour
86. all for you tour
87. all hearts tour
88. all hope is gone world tour
89. all i ever wanted tour
90. all i ever wanted world tour
91. all night long tour
92. all thailand golf tour
93. all that echoes world tour
94. all the hits tour
95. all the right reasons tour
96. all these poses anniversary tour
97. all your fault tour
98. almar latour
99. alpg tour
100. alps tour

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