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1. a re
2. a reach of the imagination
3. a reader's manifesto
4. a readers manifesto
5. a real american hero
6. a real basket case
7. a real bloke
8. a real dead one
9. a real diamond in the rough
10. a real fine place to start
11. a real girl
12. a real go-getter
13. a real go getter
14. a real good kid
15. a real hero
16. a real labour of love
17. a real live
18. a real live dead one
19. a real live dolly
20. a real live one
21. a real man
22. a real vermeer
23. a real young girl
24. a reality tour
25. a reaper at the gates
26. a reason to believe
27. a reason to fight
28. a reason to live
29. a reasonable man
30. a rebel in time
31. a rebel without a cause
32. a rebours
33. a receber
34. a receptors neurokinin
35. a recipe for the heart
36. a reckless disregard for gravity
37. a reckless gamble
38. a reckless romeo
39. a record
40. a record of sweet murder
41. a red-letter day
42. a red bear
43. a red cent
44. a red eye
45. a red herring
46. a red letter day
47. a red orchid theatre
48. a red rag to a bull
49. a red wheelbarrow
50. a redskin's bravery
51. a redskins bravery
52. a reece
53. a reflection of fear
54. a reflection on sb/sth
55. a reflection on sb sth
56. a reformed santa claus
57. a region a
58. a register
59. a regra do jogo
60. a regular epic final battle
61. a regular fellow
62. a regular girl
63. a regular guy
64. a regular scout
65. a regular woman
66. a reign of terror
67. a relic of old japan
68. a religious
69. a reluctant tragic hero
70. a remark you made
71. a reminder
72. a reminder of sb/sth
73. a reminder of sb sth
74. a reminiscence of dr. samuel johnson
75. a reminiscence of dr samuel johnson
76. a remote chance
77. a renaissance
78. a renaissance man
79. a rendezvous in averoigne
80. a rendre
81. a reno divorce
82. a rent boy
83. a reorganization
84. a repeat performance
85. a repens
86. a report on germany
87. a report on the party and the guests
88. a report to an academy
89. a reporter's life
90. a reporters life
91. a reproach to
92. a reptans
93. a reptile dysfunction
94. a republic of five races
95. a requiem for homo sapiens
96. a requiem in our time
97. a resistance
98. a respectable life
99. a respectable trade
100. a respectable wedding

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