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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase antarctica during world war ii.

Reverse dictionary results:
1. operation tabarin
2. pacific war
3. cold war in asia
4. lapland war
5. race to the sea
6. australasian antarctic expedition
7. european theatre of world war i
8. european war
9. asiatic-pacific theater
10. terra nova expedition
11. invasion of the kuril islands
12. world war ii
13. soviet industry in world war ii
14. belgian antarctic expedition
15. battle of the north cape
16. new guinea campaign
17. european theatre of world war ii
18. cold war
19. soviet invasion of poland
20. portugal and the holocaust
21. battle of the atlantic
22. huon peninsula campaign
23. battle of the caucasus
24. allies of world war ii
25. axis powers
26. great patriotic war
27. battle of the frontiers
28. new georgia campaign
29. fortress europe
30. japanese occupation of attu
31. southern rhodesia in world war ii
32. byelorussia in world war ii
33. battle of the caribbean
34. operation ostfront
35. german caucasus expedition
36. battle of alsace
37. japan during world war ii
38. battle of authion
39. aerial warfare in the winter war
40. siberian army

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