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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase aru shah and the end of time.
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1. children of blood and bone
2. the great believers
3. crooked kingdom
4. the sun is also a star
5. king of scars
6. a song for a new day
7. strange the dreamer
8. tehanu
9. children of virtue and vengeance
10. record of a spaceborn few
11. the stone sky
12. shadow and bone
13. the hundred thousand kingdoms
14. handbook for mortals
15. the great alone
16. six of crows
17. tomb of sand
18. an ember in the ashes
19. the broken kingdoms
20. ninth house
21. the goblin emperor
22. the kingdom of gods
23. the darkest minds
24. a darker shade of magic
25. beautiful darkness
26. the poet x
27. daughter of the empire
28. the other wind
29. dragon keeper
30. the school for good and evil
31. a wizard of earthsea
32. the darkest part of the forest
33. a world without princes
34. the riddle-master of hed
35. the priory of the orange tree
36. light from uncommon stars
37. transcendent kingdom
38. ship of magic
39. a court of thorns and roses
40. the ten thousand doors of january

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