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1. bmt 7
2. bmt archer avenue line
3. bmt astoria line
4. bmt b mt
5. bmt brighton line
6. bmt broadway line
7. bmt brooklyn loops
8. bmt canarsie line
9. bmt ctn
10. bmt culver line
11. bmt eastern division
12. bmt fifth avenue line
13. bmt fourth avenue line
14. bmt franklin avenue line
15. bmt fulton street line
16. bmt group
17. bmt is
18. bmt jamaica line
19. bmt lexington avenue line
20. bmt limited
21. bmt myrtle avenue line
22. bmt nassau street line
23. bmt sea beach line
24. bmt third avenue elevated
25. bmt third avenue line
26. bmt west end line


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