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1. dr. & mrs. vandertramp
2. dr. a. p. j. abdul kalam award
3. dr. a. plesman mollis hybrid azalea
4. dr. a.h. heineken prize for art
5. dr. a.o. thomas house
6. dr. a.p.j. abdul kalam
7. dr. a.p.j. abdul kalam university
8. dr. aaron wright house
9. dr. abby lockhart
10. dr. abdul haq urdu university
11. dr. abraham erskine
12. dr. achilles milo
13. dr. acula
14. dr. adder
15. dr. adrian kantrowitz
16. dr. agarwal's eye hospital
17. dr. ahmad ahmadi
18. dr. ajeenkya d y patil
19. dr. ajoy kumar
20. dr. akagi
21. dr. akhilesh das stadium
22. dr. alan grant
23. dr. alban
24. dr. alban discography
25. dr. alex lowe
26. dr. alexander c. brabson house
27. dr. alexander fleming peony
28. dr. alfred meyer
29. dr. alien
30. dr. ambedkar
31. dr. ambedkar government arts college
32. dr. ambedkar institute of technology
33. dr. ambedkar mani mandapam
34. dr. ambedkar nagar
35. dr. ambedkar nagar railway station
36. dr. ambedkar national award
37. dr. ambrose pratt house
38. dr. amit varma
39. dr. amos holbrook house
40. dr. anand
41. dr. andrew weil
42. dr. annie b. jamieson elementary school
43. dr. ap
44. dr. apj abdul kalam
45. dr. apj abdul kalam uit jhabua
46. dr. archibald neil sinclair house
47. dr. arif alvi
48. dr. arthur arden
49. dr. arthur kemp
50. dr. asim hussain
51. dr. atl
52. dr. auguste cambier ghent hybrid azalea
53. dr. avdp
54. dr. b. borooah cancer institute
55. dr. b. c. roy award
56. dr. b. j. kendall company
57. dr. b. r. ambedkar
58. dr. b. r. ambedkar memorial park
59. dr. b.m. banton house
60. dr. b.r. ambedkar college
61. dr. b.r. ambedkar open university
62. dr. babasaheb ambedkar
63. dr. babasaheb ambedkar open university
64. dr. baker
65. dr. balakrishnan
66. dr. beach
67. dr. beat
68. dr. becky
69. dr. beeching
70. dr. bellows
71. dr. ben harmon
72. dr. benesj mollis hybrid azalea
73. dr. benjamin spock
74. dr. beverly hofstadter
75. dr. bezbarua
76. dr. bhanumati on duty
77. dr. bhanwar singh samaur
78. dr. bhau daji lad museum
79. dr. bhim rao ambedkar college
80. dr. bhim rao ambedkar university
81. dr. bhimrao ambedkar airstrip
82. dr. bhimrao ambedkar law university
83. dr. bhimrao ambedkar stadium
84. dr. bhimrao ambedkar university
85. dr. bhupen hazarika cricket stadium
86. dr. biju
87. dr. bill miller
88. dr. bird's advice for sad poets
89. dr. black and mr. white
90. dr. black jack
91. dr. blair
92. dr. blood's coffin
93. dr. bloodmoney
94. dr. bombay
95. dr. bonham's case
96. dr. bonner's magic soap
97. dr. boris
98. dr. bosconovitch
99. dr. bowman fuchsia
100. dr. brain

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