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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase il buco.
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Reverse dictionary results:
1. freaks out
2. three floors
3. luzzu
4. the tale of king crab
5. blood of my blood
6. corruption
7. the grey zone
8. l'avventura
9. la notte
10. accattone
11. the son's room
12. corro da te
13. r.m.n.
14. don't stop me now
15. giovanni falcone
16. happy as lazzaro
17. hannah
18. two of us
19. salvatore giuliano
20. first light of dawn
21. rimini
22. il posto
23. made in italy
24. euphoria
25. the collini case
26. forever
27. the big dream
28. sanremo
29. steel
30. honey
31. salvo
32. leave no traces
33. drift away
34. romance
35. fire at sea
36. a pure formality
37. hinterland
38. parallel mothers
39. tomorrow
40. in vacanza su marte

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