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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase marcia chatelain.
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Reverse dictionary results:
1. barbara j. fields
2. jessica krug
3. erica chenoweth
4. caroline elkins
5. anne hyde
6. heather cox richardson
7. theda skocpol
8. ann laura stoler
9. deborah tannen
10. hortense spillers
11. marci shore
12. claudia goldin
13. saidiya hartman
14. kristen ghodsee
15. marianne hirsch
16. nadia abu el haj
17. janet murray
18. pamela s. karlan
19. loretta ross
20. drew gilpin faust
21. alice dreger
22. claudine gay
23. sarah churchwell
24. jennifer eberhardt
25. susan stryker
26. asra nomani
27. jesmyn ward
28. dorothy roberts
29. brooke harrington
30. dorie clark
31. sherry ortner
32. margaret w. rossiter
33. jodi dean
34. arlie russell hochschild
35. christine korsgaard
36. diane mcwhorter
37. carolyn martin
38. joan wallach scott
39. alice goffman
40. susan haack

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