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Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the exact phrase one arranged murder.
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1. the girl in room 105
2. the 3 mistakes of my life
3. one indian girl
4. family matters
5. swami and friends
6. revolution 2020
7. thunderball
8. the enchantress of florence
9. chaturanga
10. english, august
11. one night @ the call center
12. the hungry tide
13. the satanic verses
14. bad luck and trouble
15. the jewel that was ours
16. the great indian novel
17. the rise of sivagami
18. treason's harbour
19. five point someone
20. the carnivorous carnival
21. crossroads of twilight
22. interpreter of maladies
23. kapalkundala
24. fury
25. the guide
26. cuckold
27. the path of daggers
28. lost light
29. brendan
30. the inheritance of loss
31. half girlfriend
32. the mahabharata secret
33. river of smoke
34. the law of nines
35. oathbringer
36. avenue of mysteries
37. ibis trilogy
38. knife of dreams
39. the last hero
40. the calcutta chromosome

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