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1. sir a
2. sir a. bradford hill
3. sir a. j. ayer
4. sir a bradford hill
5. sir a j ayer
6. sir aaron
7. sir aaron klug
8. sir abbott
9. sir abel
10. sir abercrombie
11. sir aberteifi
12. sir abraham bailey
13. sir abubakar tafawa balewa
14. sir adam beck
15. sir adam roberts
16. sir adolph tuck
17. sir adolphus ward
18. sir adolphus william ward
19. sir adrian boult
20. sir adrian carton de wiart
21. sir adrian cedric boult
22. sir aga khan bridge
23. sir ahmadu bello
24. sir ahmadu bello international airport
25. sir ahmed salman rushdie
26. sir alan ayckbourn
27. sir alan budd
28. sir alan burns
29. sir alan duncan
30. sir alan fersht
31. sir alan francis brooke
32. sir alan hodgkin
33. sir alan lascelles
34. Sir Alan Lloyd Hodgkin
35. sir alastair cook
36. sir albert abdullah david sassoon bart
37. sir albert hastings markham
38. sir albert howard
39. sir albert woods
40. sir aldo castellani
41. sir alec arnold constantine issigonis
42. sir alec douglas-home
43. sir alec douglas home
44. Sir Alec Guinness
45. sir alec issigonis
46. sir alec reed
47. sir alex
48. sir alex ferguson
49. sir alexander
50. sir alexander allan
51. sir alexander buchanan
52. sir alexander burnes
53. sir alexander bustamante
54. sir alexander campbell mackenzie
55. Sir Alexander Fleming
56. sir alexander fraser of dores
57. sir alexander frederick douglas-home
58. sir alexander frederick douglas home
59. sir alexander gibb & partners
60. sir alexander grant
61. sir alexander grantham
62. sir alexander james edmund cockburn
63. sir alexander john ball bart
64. Sir Alexander Korda
65. Sir Alexander Mackenzie
66. sir alexander mackenzie provincial park
67. sir alexander macrobert
68. sir alexander nisbet
69. sir alexander ogston
70. sir alexander onslow
71. Sir Alexander Robertus Todd
72. sir alexander tilloch galt
73. sir alf ramsey
74. sir alfred
75. sir alfred alistair cooke
76. sir alfred ayer
77. Sir Alfred Charles Bernard Lovell
78. sir alfred comyn lyall
79. sir alfred cooper
80. sir alfred east
81. sir alfred gilbert
82. sir alfred gould
83. Sir Alfred Hitchcock
84. sir alfred james munnings
85. sir alfred joseph hitchcock
86. sir alfred jules ayer
87. sir alfred keogh
88. sir alfred lewis jones
89. sir alfred moritz mond
90. sir alfred munnings
91. sir alfred scott scott - gatty
92. sir alfred scott scott gatty
93. sir alfred yarrow
94. sir alistair cooke
95. sir alladi krishnaswami iyer
96. sir allama muhammad iqbal
97. sir allan macnab secondary school
98. sir allen lane
99. sir allen stanford
100. sir alma-tadema

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